1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

 “McBurnie”  Replica

The original Ferrari 250 GTO is arguably the most beautiful car ever produced. Its shape, lines, and power were well ahead of its time. To make the car even more impressive only 36 examples were ever produced. The last one to go to auction brought over $20 Million! So what happens when demand for a vehicle far outweighs the supply? Somebody makes a replica!

This is a McBurnie replica of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO built on a Datsun 240Z chassis. The lines of the replica are almost exact to the original Ferrari. only the most die-hard and knowledgeable Ferrari aficionado would be able to tell the difference without opening the hood. Although this replica would have made a “250 GTO” affordable for those without Donald Trump’s bank account, Ferrari took offense to the re-creation and swiftly shut down the McBurnie operation. It is not known how many McBurnie replicas made it out before Ferrari shut them down but one thing is for sure: whether you have a real Ferrari 250 GTO or the McBurnie version, you have one very rare car that will be the envy of everyone!

Exterior: Red
Engine size: 2.4 LITER, 240 Z Datsun
Engine type: STRAIGHT 6
Horsepower: 135
Torque: N/A




Celebrity Car Museum: Silver Flames

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